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Mathematical modeling and algorithms

Dmitrienko V.D., Zakovorotnyi A.Yu. Neural association memory of adaptive resonance theory that allows to define multiple solutions 8
Zobnin B.B., Azhipa I.A. Predicting the quality of agglomerate using an analytical model of incomplete processing facility 17
Anikin V.I., Anikina O.V. Modeling and visualization of algorithms’ information structure in Microsoft Excel 21
Yachikov I.M., Girkin Y.V., Mironenkov E.I., Sultanov N.L. Mathematical modeling of a thermal condition of bearing knot of pulling rollers of a camp 2000 JSC MMK of cold rolling 29
Vladova A.Yu., Korotkov A.A., Fedorenko D.Yu. Intelligent support of method identifying the causes of defects of the man-made objects metallic shell 37
Snegirev Yu.V., Tutarova V.D., Fedorova A.A. Using artificial neural network to predict steel chemical composition during secondary treatment in ladle furnace 41
Poletskov P.P., Kozhushkov E.Y., Kukhta Y.B. Algorithm of unification of process of formation of the plan of production on a hot rolling mill 2500 Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works rolling 49

Systems analysis, design and software development

Matsko I.I., Belyavskiy A.B., Logunova O.S. Control of Processing Chain of Continuous Cast Billet Production Using Automatic Quality Assessment System 55
Makarichev P.P., Pashchenko D.V., Trokoz D.A. Features for constructing models of multithreaded software systems objective control aviation radar systems 61
Anisimova E.Y. Software to calculate the optimum intermittent heating of buildings 67
Svitkin V.G., Shvidkiy V.S. Development of information modeling system of injection of coal-dust fuel into tuyeres of the blast furnace 73
Rahmatullin R.R. The method of sequence diagrams in a computer simulation of the machining centers 79
Logunova O.S, Ilina E.A. Lexicographic data structuring software development 87